Monday, January 15, 2018

Perk Project and Kindness

I am excited to join in and share with Jemma from At Home With Jemma and Stacey from Poofing the Pillows blog on their Perk Project.

They invited me to share my thoughts on kindness and how it effects my life.

Let me start by sharing this quote from the Dalai Lama.

Compassionate kindness is the most precious thing there is.  It is something that only we human beings can develop.  And if we have a good heart, a warm heart, warm feelings, we will be happy and satisfied ourselves, and others will experience a friendly and peaceful atmosphere.

This is a beautiful quote. 
  I feel too that kindness is one of the most precious gifts we can share with one another.  It costs nothing and is readily available at anytime for us to share.

I try each day to share a little kindness in some way.  Whether is is as simple as letting the person behind you in the grocery store line go before you because they only have one or two items and you have half a cart full.

Here is an example of a bigger act of kindness.

My husband and I shared kindness recently by adopting another rescue dog after the loss of our previous rescue dog to cancer.  

Adopting another pet is a huge responsibility and time consuming addition to life.  

I was not sure I wanted to take this on at this point in our lives.  

I am glad we did take the plunge again to adopt another sweet basset hound.  

We found that rescuing this sweet pet and giving her a better life gives our life meaning no matter what our age.

  Showing kindness to a sweet animal that has never experienced kindness or care makes your heart fill with joy.   

You are gifted their reaction to the true kindness shown.  It changes your life as well as theirs.

Peggy our new rescue.

I also like to do random acts of kindness throughout the year.  

Most of the time they cost nothing and come from my heart.

Sending a card to someone that will least expect it. Wishing them a good day and telling them you were thinking about them is a small gesture for me but a big uplifting kindness to them .

Random Acts of Kindness give so much to someone else but it also comes back to give you so much more.

The other day I was in line at Starbucks to get a warm Chai Tea.  When I placed my order I asked the person taking my order to please tell the man in the work truck in front of me that I was treating him to his beverage.  

It became contagious when I saw him hold up his cup to say thank you.   I could see the smile on his face from his side view mirror, it made me smile.   

At that moment as he drove away I felt good about myself, the day and even the future.

We all give of ourselves everyday in many ways. 

We naturally share comfort and care when things arise in our lives,  but sharing kindness daily is good for the soul.

Kindness shared is the best gift you can give to others and yourself.

I hope after reading this you will find a spot in your day to share a smile, give a hug or say some nice words to someone.  You will see the smile, the hug or the thank you given back will change their day and yours.

Thank you Jemma and Stacey for letting me share in the perk project.

I hope all of you are shown kindness today and then will share kindness with someone else.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Living Room Switch-a-roo!

Happy Friday Everyone.

Hope your week has been going great.  Yeah for Friday's and weekend's.

After taking down my Christmas decor the house looked pretty sad.  No more pretty lights twinkling on the tree.

For a long time having the couch under one of my windows in the living room always bugged me.  I do not like when furniture covers up windows that let in lots of light.

I mentioned in my sneak peek post that this couch was too big for this tiny living room.  So I gifted the couch to my youngest daughter that just bought her first home.  It opened up the window very nicely.

I added the new Bombay chest I scored and painted white under the window and then flanked each side of the window with my two Ikea slipcovered chairs. 
I had been waiting on the new rug to come in from and two new white ottoman slipcovers.  They both came in a few days ago.  I love the pattern to the rug.  It is white, light silver, gray with a floral pattern.  I think it goes well with my wallpaper in this room.

Speaking of wallpaper.  I had two double rolls left over from the one wall we did in the living room.   Terry hung the left over wallpaper on the entry way wall and the wall opposite the other papered wall in my living room.  I think it gives some dimension and interest to this side of the room.

These are my love birds that Terry gave me for our 15th anniversary years ago.  We have been married 38 years so that is how long I have had these.  I love them and love that he gifted me with this lovely sentimental gift.  They have a new home on top of the TV Armoire.

My entry way as you come into the living room has my grandmothers old cedar chest under the old chippy french window.

I took my birdhouse and placed it on this old candle stick.  Can you believe that was a candle stick?  Biggest one I have ever seen!  Makes for a cute post for the birdhouse.

Moving out the sofa and putting the chest here and the chairs on either side of the window really opened up this space.  I am the only one along with Peggy that sit up here in these chairs.  So it feels right in this room now.

This lay out of the room makes the room feel bigger.  The natural light flows in nicely and the  light does not get blocked by furniture. 

Even on this cold gray winter day you can see how bright the room still is.  When the sun streams in it is heavenly.

I re hung my arched vintage window over on this wall.
Over where the arch window use to be I hung my chippy picket fence.

The old picket fence ties in with my wallpaper for a nice garden vignette.
Loving my re loved old mantel clock too.
I still have my old farmhouse chippy window and shutters on one wall in this room.  Love the history of this piece.

With just moving a couch out and buying a new rug and pulling my other white chair out of storage I have a nice "she cave" area in my living room.

I enjoy sitting in this room especially on a sun filled day to read or watch a little TV.

Before I say Good Bye.  

I wanted to share with you a wonderful sweet gift I got from Rita at Panoply blog.  I saw it on her blog post here and asked her how much this sweet piece was selling for and if she would ship it to me.  Rita being the sweet heart she is gifted it to me.  It was originally brass and you know me and white.  So this cherub bowl got a little white paint makeover.

It is sitting right now on my kitchen counter and is holding my Cutie tangerines.  Thank you sweet Rita I love this sweet cherub bowl.  I am sure he will be traveling though out the house and my decor from time to time but for now he is the guardian of the Cuties!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Sneak Peek

Happy Friday Everyone.

I have been working on changing up my living room.  I have been challenge to make these tiny cottage rooms work in our new home.  

 I thought I would show you a little sneak peek and hopefully after the weekend I will have the room finished.  Fingers crossed.  I am still waiting on the slipcovers I am having made for the two Ikea ottomans.  Hopefully those will be on my doorstep soon.

Here we go for the little peek.......

Let me say I am so grateful 2017 is over and we are on to a new 2018.  2017 was a hard year for us.  Lots of good blessings but lots of stress with moving, renovating etc.  My word for 2018 is grateful.  I am grateful we are settled and grateful to find a new normal in our lives.

This is the reclining couch.  I have removed it from the room to open up the window and space.  I am gifting this couch to my youngest daughter that is in the process of buying her first home.  She is very excited so no worries this pretty couch will have a wonderful new home.

The other day I was poking around on Offer Up a resale site.  I found this old vintage Bombay chest on there for a steal.  I did not get a before picture to show you.  Trust me it needed some love and white paint.   I finished this beautiful piece this week.
I am always having to shoot into the back light that streams in this room.  You will just have to take my word for it this piece with the light coming in the room looks fabulous.

The chest staying here under the window and my two slipcovered white chairs will be anchoring on each side of this piece in the room.  The room really opened up by taking out the couch and now just having the two chairs and the chest in between.

Another super cute find this week was this old mantel clock missing the clock parts.  No issues it just needed some white paint too.  Love its sweet legs.  It is adorning the top of the new chest.

I am having fun playing with my decor pieces as I change up this room.

The best part of this room change up is I only had to buy a new rug and get two little slipcovers sewn for the two Ikea ottomans.   I will have a whole new look to this room to show you soon.

Patience is not my thing lol!  So waiting on the rug and the slipcovers to come has been hard.  Hopefully soon I will have them at my front door and I can finish up this room to show.

It amazes me how just moving out a piece of furniture and moving around some of the other furniture makes a big difference in the way the room now looks.

Have a great Weekend.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Starting Out The New Year

While I wait for rugs and slipcovers to arrive for my new project of making over my living room.   I thought I would review and go back through a few posts that everyone seemed to enjoy.  It is fun to look back at all you accomplished and all the fun and joy found from the year.

We started out 2017 with Terry finally finding a new position as a fire chief.  It was a long stressful two years before he found this wonderful position.  We were blessed to know we could begin to go forward into 2017 in a better place.
You can read this post here.

With Terry finding a new position further north we had to sell Junk Chic Cottage II and move further north of where we were living.
You can read about this here.

Then after adopting this sweet lug of love named Cooper we found out he had an aggressive cancer that spreads quickly.  Weeks to only maybe a few months to live.  We had a great Vet that helped to research some options for him.  It gave him a year to live and enjoy the sweet life with us.
You can read that post here.

I will always remember how he loved car rides.

And how he smiled all the time.  This little guy had a rough first part of his life and after we rescued him he really found our forever home to be his sanctuary.  He was loved and happy.  We got joy from him each and every day.  RIP little man.

We found a new cottage home.  I was embracing living large in a small space.  I finally had my dream little cottage style home.  With this came lots of renovations and a garage build.  We bought the home in May and did not actually get to move in this sweet place until October.  It was a long journey with lots of ups and downs but we finally are settled.

I feel blessed to be settled and getting back into a new normal for us.  Sometimes Life's journey can be hard and sad but with everything in life there is a lesson learned.  Ours was that no matter how hard or stressful or sad life was we always were blessed with family and friends to be there for us.

Did a major DIY on the new kitchen decor.
You can see the transformation here.

A DIY Living room transformation seen here.

A full bathroom reveal here.
Then a beautiful bright spot in life.  We adopted another rescue basset hound.  Her name is Peggy and while we still miss Cooper, Peggy seems to have filled that hole in our hearts.
Peggy loves my white chairs!!!!
You indulged me with my sharing of the two most precious peeps in our lives.  Our two sweet Granddaughters Charlotte and Abby.

I was honored by KerryAnne asking to publish my 2106  Christmas Decor in her beautiful magazine.
Now that Christmas has passed and we are into a brand new year.  Lets hope and pray we all see beautiful blessing in our lives.  I have been blessed with all your visits to my blog posts and have enjoyed your gifted friendships throughout the year.  May the new year bring us all lots of Happiness, Good Health and lots and lots of DIY and fun Decor adventures.
Happy New Year.

Monday, January 1, 2018

You know how one thing leads to another!!!!

Hi Everyone.  Hope the ringing in of the New Year was fun for all of you.  

I took down all my Christmas decor and some of you may understand how doing one thing like that can lead to another and another lol!

This was a snapshot of my living room before I began my Christmas Decor.  My little assistant Peggy getting in the shot!

Then I added some Christmas to this room for the holidays.

After I took the Christmas decor down I was thinking hmmmm,  I really hate that my window that lets a lot of light in this room is always covered up by my large reclining sofa. 

This room is so small and the only person that sits in here is me.  We use our family room downstairs for all other activities like watching TV and entertaining.

I made a decision to make some changes in this room for the new year.  I moved most of the furniture out of the room or over to the side.  I did a little cleaning of baseboards etc. and now the open space is ready for a transformation.

This room will get a little cottage style re love.  It is going to involve some slipcovers, chippy pieces,  and a new rug.  I am waiting on the rug to arrive and then I can finally get this room put together.  

I enjoy change and I think I am going to love the new and more open feel I get in this small living room.

Have a great start to the new year.  I always love that you stay connected and leave your sweet comments.  I am looking forward to a new year of following your blogs and being inspired with new decor adventures.