Monday, October 23, 2017


Fall has arrived!

 I have been concentrating on the DIY's and where to put my regular decor in the new house,  I did not do much decorating for fall.  Mostly just the outside as you saw in my last post. 

 I thought I share a few decor pics from my past fall decor.

My favorite decor has always been neutral and peaceful.

Enjoy these few pics from my past fall decor.

  Hoping to get all the DIY's done in this new  home so I can show you the rooms before the holidays hit!  I just have had so much family stuff on the weekends that things are slow to get done.  My handyman is back to long days at work during the week.  This just leaves the weekends for us to get things done.  

I have these sweet garden boots with fall flowers on my porch at the new house this year.

Cooper last year loved the sun streaming in the windows.  Oh how he loved to bask in the sunshine for long naps.

I miss sweet Cooper but now Peggy is filling that void in our hearts.  Rest in peace sweet Coop.  Miss you buddy.

  I love seeing the cute little witch mouse that Judy from Gold Country Cottage sent me.

Wishing you all a great new week ahead.  Hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me on some of my past fall decor.

 Fall has finally arrived here in Illinois.
Happy Fall.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fall Decor and Neighborhood Charm

Happy Weekend!
Remember Mr. Rogers and the song "These are the people in your neighborhood".

Today I want to show you my charming neighborhood and also share my outdoor fall decor.

The first time I drove down our street I fell in love with the charm of each of the houses in this neighborhood.  Each home is unique and no two are a like.  These homes were built in the late 40's to early 50's.  

Unfortunately we are seeing some of the charming homes torn down and these bigger modern homes going up in this neighborhood.  While they are beautiful homes I feel they take away from the charm of this neighborhood.

This neighborhood reflects a wonderful time in American culture when homes were built to last with families in mind.


This is our cottage home dressed for fall.

My sweet harvest angel is hung on my front door to greet any guests.

I love that she has those sweet freckles just below her eyes on her cheeks.

My flower boxes are stuffed with fall pumpkins and gourds.

Welcoming fall at the new house.

Terry and I are busy working on the inside decor to share soon.

It still feels like summer here this week.  It was 82 today and 77 tomorrow.  Next week we are suppose to drop down in the 60's for our normal fall weather.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Armoire Re Love

Good Sunday to all of you.  Hope the weekend is going great.

Remember this great armoire I scored for $50.

After some heavy duty sanding by my great handy man Terry we got it down to the bare wood.

As you can see my assistant Peggy is checking out the progress!

The next process was to take white paint and water it down.  I did one part paint to one part water. I just used white paint I had.  Nothing fancy like chalk paint etc. just regular paint.   Then I took a wet brush and white washed the paint onto the cabinet.

The next step was to take steel wool and rub off the paint.  This was after the first round with the steel wool.  We did this about 3 more times to get the desired look.  I did not follow any rules just kept putting on another coat of white wash and then used steel wool to take off the paint.  To get it to the desired look I wanted it was about 3 times of doing this process.

Each time the cabinet took on more of the white wash.  If you like the french look of the wood really coming through you would only have to do this process one time.  I wanted more white on this piece so it would live happily with the other white chippy pieces I have in this room.

This is where I ended up after 3 rounds of white wash and using the steel wool.  It lets some of the wood show but I get the gray and white effect I wanted.

I was going to just paint the inside of this cabinet but after playing around with the steel wool on the inside I kind of liked that it looked much like the outside of the armoire.  

Now I have a small armoire to bring in a small TV for the upstairs and also gives me some storage.  I am thinking a cute basket with my throws in that open area next to the drawers.

This piece now fits nicely with all my other chippy pieces in the room.  It has been a rain filled weekend and no sun.  These pictures are a bit drab.  If I try to brighten them too much they get washed out.  Hoping soon to take pictures of the whole living room reveal.  Maybe soon I will have some sunny days to capture this room better.

Have a great new week.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy New Week

I have been asked to have my Christmas Decor from last year published in an upcoming Magazine.   I was going through my Christmas decor from a year ago and it brought back such wonderful memories of our last Christmas in Junk Chic Cottage II.

I will let you know when this gets published.

In the meantime I am working on the Living Room Space and I got a treasure today that I am going to re love for the living room.  I cannot wait to show you how this wonderful piece comes out.

This is the original piece I was going to pick up today.  The lady had this pretty cabinet for sale.  $40.  I need a small armoire cabinet for the Living Room in the new house.   I thought that Terry and his handy tools might be able to make this piece work.  Maybe some chunky legs to bring it up a little bit.  The size was perfect for the space.  It looks bigger in the picture but in reality it was only 28 inches wide and 18 inches deep.

We drove down with every intention of getting this piece.  When we got there this lady had a treasure trove of beautiful pieces of furniture in her garage.  

Of course I just meandered into her garage for a little lookie do!

I spied this piece and she told me if I like this piece better I could have it for $50.  It was perfect and solid oak.  I almost could not get it in my car fast enough.

I thought is this women crazy this piece is beautiful and for $10 bucks more I do not have to do anything to it.  Well maybe sand it and decide to leave it wood or do a paint texture to it! Still nothing had to be added.  SCORE!

This sweet TV cabinet was a beauty and still small enough for the space.  I will have pictures soon of the transformation of this sweet piece.  Gotta love when you find a bargain like this.

Have a great new week.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Master Bedroom

Hi Everyone.
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend.

Miss Peggy is recuperating nicely after her surgery yesterday.  No more puppies for this girl!  She is officially retired from being bred in a kennel. 

Poor girl will undergo another long surgery and  have 10 teeth removed in a few weeks.  This is why she is so thin.  Peggy has very bad teeth and has not really been eating too well.  I am so mad when I think of this "award winning" breeder with a stellar reputation let this sweet girls teeth get so bad. 
 We will take care of her and get her bad teeth pulled and hopefully  get her gaining some weight.    Makes me so sad to think that she has had this bad dental issue going on for a long time and the breeder did nothing to help her.  I am so glad we rescued this sweet girl and can give her the care she needs.

Now on to our Master Bedroom.  Now don't blink or you will miss the tour of the Master Bedroom!  Remember this cottage was built in 1949 so there was no such thing as a Master Bedroom.  Just bedrooms.  Enough space to put a bed, dresser and maybe a night stand.

My bedroom is very small but I was excited to see our King Sleep Number Bed would fit along with the two night stands on the main wall.  I love that sleep number bed and was so worried it would not fit in this space.

Lots of natural light comes in this room all day.  Love the soft romantic feel to the bedroom.  My headboard made from old cottage doors fit nicely too.

I have my candle chandelier over the bed for a romantic feel.  Which after looking at the picture I realize I need to put the candles in the holders LOL!

It is quite cozy in this bedroom.  Only about 3 feet left from the end of the bed to the wall!  It is all good with us.  The king sleep bed fit and that is what is important.  We can still move around the bed so it is all good.

I have this faded gray, blue and silver floral throw at the end of the bed for a touch of color in this serene setting.

I have my love birds.

My angel on an old chippy window.

So that concludes the tour of our bedroom in the new place.   I told you not to blink!  We are living large now in a tiny house! 

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.
Hope to have more pics to show you soon.  Just waiting on some slipcovers for chairs in the kitchen and I need to find a few things for the living room.  I am happy with how the living room and kitchen are coming together.